It’s almost June!

…which means it’s almost the Lumberjack’s birthday.  Last night he said that all he wants to do for his birthday is to go to a sensory deprivation tank.  My husband is bizarre.

I’ve always viewed June & July as being the same month – they sound the same, and they always blur together for me.  And seeing as how the ninja fetus is due in August, I basically feel like I’m going to give birth NEXT MONTH.  I know this isn’t true.  But it still freaks me out a bit.

My plants are all planted and hanging out in the sun on the roof…now I just have to wait for them to do something.

That picture was taken at 6:30pm, and they’d been in direct sunlight since 10am.  Take that, vegetables!  Grow like the wind!  There are two kinds of basil in the orange box up top, tomatoes in the middle tub, cucumbers (I’m going to be a Pickling Queen) in the tub on the right.  Different kinds of peppers in the tall round pots, including a jalepeno plant (pickling those too!).  Lettuce & arugula in front of the tall pots, cilantro in the reddish short pot.  Phew!

I mostly feel like these this days:


Week 26: Partial Eclipse of the Vegetables

This week was also somewhat uneventful, in that the fetus is still in there, rolling around, and not much else has changed.  I officially can’t fit into almost all of my clothes, though, which is a bummer.  I tend to wear stretchy fabric and tshirt-like tops all the time, so my growing midsection didn’t pose too much of a problem.  However, this luck has run out.  I’m poking out the bottom of everything, which may be cute to the Lumberjack, but isn’t terribly work-appropriate.

a pepper plant!

Eclipse!  Last night there was an eclipse and it was pretty awesome.  My parents came over and helped me plant all my vegetables.  The Lumberjack came outside around 6:30 and said “Isn’t it time for the eclipse?  Everything looks…really weird.”  We looked up and WOAH.  The sky was like a post-apocolyptic movie, all dim and creepy.  My mom, who has never stopped being a 4th grade teacher, started explaining everything in detail to us and then pulled out all the pin-hole experiment things to show us how to look at it.  My mom’s going to be a grandma!  She’s going to be awesome.  The whole time she was freaking out about different ways to look at finger shadows and yelling at the Lumberjack to come back outside everytime he left (to go finish an exam, so it’s not like he was just screwing around in there) because “look at it NOW!  now it’s even COOLER!” I just kept thinking how happy I am that my kid gets her in his life.  She’s going to be able to blow his mind even better than me, because she can actually explain how magnets work.

We also had friends over for dinner last week with their 14-month-old pile of adorableness, also known as the Lumberjack’s god-daughter (see, he’s kind of a parent already).  It was a good trial run with our cats, seeing as how Miss Adorable was in full grabby mode.  They handled themselves pretty well – Oliver just hid in the back room the entire time, while Bella seemed somewhat interested, while incredibly patient.  Phew.

Last night the Lumberjack kept rubbing my belly in his sleep.  He’s so cute.

Week 25: I…don’t really remember

when did I get taller than my mom?

I waited too long and now I don’t remember anything that happened last week.  The fetus kept growing, and poking me.  It’s pretty cute.  We got a box of baby clothes sent from a friend that got me all swoony.  My mom & I got some plants that I am going to grow and eat.  The Lumberjack came up with a few more names that I don’t like (this may take awhile).  That’s about it.  Still feeling more emotional than usual, still doing my best to communicate & have patience.  Succeeding, for the most part.

I’m going to grow a salad

Gardening seems like a good, maternal hobby to take up.  Therefore, stay tuned – I am going to grow vegetables!  For Mother’s Day, I am allowing my mom to come over and give me as much advice and feedback as she wants, with no complaining or eye-rolling from me.  I am very generous.