Getting ready to blow the baby’s MIND

Last night I realized how awesome the Baby Blank Slate is going to be.  He is going to be amazed at EVERYTHING.  Hey kid, look at this!  HOLY SHIT IT’S A BUTTERFLY.  The baby is going to be like a tiny little Insane Clown Posse (ohmygodpleaseno) all “magnets; how do they work?” except unlike the ICP nimrods I will EXPLAIN EXACTLY HOW THEY WORK.

Just kidding, I’ll let my mom handle that.  I don’t think I actually know the answer.

But!  How awesome is it going to be to have a little person around who will be amazed at whatever I put in front of him.  Look, a dog!  What’s a dog?  YOU HAVE NO IDEA.  CHECK THIS SHIT OUT.

I told the Lumberjack that my goal is to blow the baby’s mind at least once a day.  I can tell he’s super psyched to co-parent with me.

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  1. I cannot believe you just dropped a MAGNETS. HOW DO THEY WORK. reference into a blog post. A+

  2. you don’t even know what that baby doesn’t even know. bwah ha ha

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