Half a Year!

Half a year with my favorite baby in the world:

photo (5)20130219-134157.jpgIt's cool, I'm four months old...whatever.My baby is 3 months old.IMG_3787he's one month old!  and is in a dumb bulky diaper.  boo.

Holy CRAP he was so tiny!


Bottle Feeding

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photo (4)

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Five Months with Atticus

Well. I am certainly behind the times now – he turns 6 months old next week (WTF), so this is my latest post yet. I can barely remember what happened last month.


Atticus disapproves.


He’s been spending a lot of time at my parents’ house, which is awesome. We get free babysitters, they get to smooch his little face, and he gets a close relationship with his grandparents. Everyone wins! Their puppy was born about 3 weeks before Atticus was, so they can grow up together. Yesterday we were over there and the dog washed Atticus’s face VERY carefully. I’m not sure he knew what was going on.


He has discovered his toes, and is now obsessed with them. Sometimes he sticks just his big toe in his mouth and then starts sucking on it intensely, like it’s his thumb. Of course, he stops the second I get out the camera.


AND HE’S SITTING UP. Last month was when he started, although he was still pretty floppy. This picture was taken immediately after he sat up, face-planted, and I pulled him back up again. He totally face-planted on the bed, and when I got him back up he was just smiling away, like it was the best thing ever.

He’s a really happy baby, and I’m grateful for that every day. He cries, of course. He fusses. He gets cranky. But his general demeanor is just so *pleasant*. All the time. Even when he was sick (I think he was sick? He’s never really been sick, so I’m not sure), he kept smiling at me weakly, like “it’s okay, mom, it’s not that bad.” His crying almost always turns into laughter as soon as I fix the problem.

He laughs constantly. Squeeze his thighs or knees, and he cracks up. He also loves to be flung around, flipped upside down, held in the air…if I hold him with my hands gripping his rib-cage (under his armpits), and then swing him from side to side while singing (“American Pie” is his latest favorite), he totally loses his mind.


Six month update is on its way!