He squeaks like a pterodactyl and has wide open grey eyes. He is still nameless; also, absolutely perfect. 8 hours of labor, 40 minutes of pushing, and KABLAM I’m a mom.


And we’re off.

Best virgo baby EVER might actually show up right on time.  I’m not having contractions, but it seems like my water may have broken.  Also, my blood pressure has been ridiculously high all day so the Labor & Delivery nurse told me to come on in.  They may send us back home again, but…I might have a BABY today.  If the Lumberjack decides to stop doing last minute chores and actually drive me to the hospital, that is.

Week 40: D Day

It’s August 26.  I’ve been thinking about this date for almost 40 weeks.  I know that few babies actually arrive on their due date, but I’ve still been expecting it to happen right on cue.  So far it’s 5am and nothing.  What’s up, kid?

I’m officially on maternity leave now (as of last Wednesday), which has been AWESOME.  It was really hard to let go early last week, but now that I’m off the clock it’s pretty fantastic.  Just me & the Lumberjack hanging out all day, every day.  Well, he sleeps until around noon whereas I wake up around 9, and I go to bed around 10 and he’s up until 2 or 3, so we each have a few hours to ourselves each day which is also nice.  But there’s been a WHOLE lot of together time, which is making both of us really happy since soon there will be a tiny but loud human demanding all our attention.  At which point I doubt I’ll be able to bat my eyelashes at the Lumberjack and say “I want peppermint ice cream” and then he’s returning from the store 20 minutes later and serving it to me.  Pregnancy?  With the best husband ever?  Pretty awesome.

What is not awesome is my blood pressure.  It’s not dangerously high, but it’s still too high for the birth center.  So, the final decision was made and I’ll be heading to the hospital.  I’ve had a week or so to sit with that, and it’s been over a month since the BP issue first came up, so I think I’m at peace with it.  It still makes me sad, though.  For minor reasons, too – the thought of my kid having Walnut Creek listed on his birth certificate instead of Oakland is pretty much bullshit if you ask me.  But I’ll deal.

I’ve been having contractions all week, which is exciting.  On Tuesday they were happening every 5-6 minutes all day long, which made me think Wednesday or Thursday might be the day…but no.  They’re still super mild – not painful at all, just the typical Braxton-Hicks tightening.  And I hear that some women go through weeks of this without any change.  I’m not dilated at this point, although I my cervix is “soft.”  The things I share on the internet.

Due to the blood pressure issue, no one (doctors & midwives alike) wants me to hit 41 weeks.  So on Thursday, August 30 I have an appointment to be induced.  I DO NOT WANT TO BE INDUCED.  Therefore I will spend the next 4 days doing my best to get this kid moving on his own.  First up?  Acupuncture!  We’ll see if it works.  PLEASE don’t tell me to have sex.  I know it works for some people.  I’ve heard all about it.  I still don’t want anyone other than me or the Lumberjack suggesting that we do it.  It’s just too weird.

Week 39: Nesting


Me + the 3 babies. The human one is still cooking; the feline ones are assisting in furniture building. Sort of.

Week 38: Stretchmark :(

I got it.  I got a stretchmark.  It is tiny – it looks like a few little spots.  Like tiny footprints!  From my son!

Nope, you can’t make me find it cute, despite your (and the Lumberjack’s) best attempts.  Thumbs down.

1. that’s a big baby, and 2. we need to clean the bathroom mirror.

Otherwise, however, everything is GREAT.  We met with Laura (our midwife) on Saturday, and after reviewing my carefully charted blood pressure readings from last week…she thinks I can birth at the center!!!  I have to have another week of low readings like last week’s, but still.  It’s a real option again.  I feel so happy and relieved.  I’m still reminding myself that we might not get it, and am trying to make sure I don’t get my hopes up only to get heartbroken again, but it’s hard.  Because I feel so positive about this.  I really feel like it’s going to happen.  We can do this, baby!

I had the “growth ultrasound” today, which confirmed that he is still right on target.  Everything looked great.  She estimated that he weighs 7lbs 15oz.  She printed me a picture of his profile, and I swear he looks like the Lumberjack.  If the Lumberjack was a smooshed up fetus, I guess.

The house is still getting organized, slowly.  We are still working on names.  Tonight’s suggestions were Pistol, Swelter, and Seuss.  Seriously, where is the Lumberjack getting these ideas?


The office threw me and my coworker a joint baby shower today, so I put on real clothes & headed into the city.  It was nice to see everyone again, and they got us a cake with the sugary-ist sugar icing I have ever had.  So fucking delicious.

But the best past was the cake decoration.  My coworker described her order as follows: “I told them to write ‘Congratulations Allison and Devon.’  And then I told them to put a pink & a blue baby carriage on it, because Allison is having a girl, and you’re having a boy.”

And this is what they gave her:

Week 37: Shit is getting REAL

The diaper service called this afternoon to confirm that they’re dropping off our first order next week.  NEXT WEEK.  WE WILL HAVE DIAPERS IN OUR HOUSE IN ONE WEEK.

Seriously?  Who decided that I was ready to be a mother?!  I guess technically it was me making that decision, 9 months or so ago.  But still!  What the fuck.  We’re going to have a BABY and we’re going to be in charge of keeping him alive.  All the time!  Every day!  FOREVER.

I may or may not be slightly freaking out.

I have been getting check-ups on the regular the past 2 weeks.  Two non-stress tests, one doctor visit and one midwife visit every week.  Plus Kaiser loaned me a blood pressure cuff, so I’m now monitoring my BP three times a day.  There are a ton of people watching over me and this little baby, making sure both of us are chugging along like we’re supposed to.  The consensus is now that I do not have pre-eclampsia (YAY), but I do have gestational hypertension (high blood pressure due to the pregnancy).  So it looks like I’ll still have to birth in the hospital, but it’s way less serious than we thought.  This is good!  The hospital we’ll go to has midwives on staff, and my midwife will be coming with me as my doula, so I’ll still get the midwifery model that I wanted – we’ll just be near doctors in case everything goes to hell.

I hope everything doesn’t go to hell.

I’m working from home full-time now, and it’s AWESOME.  No more commuting, I can snack and nap throughout the day, I work in tank tops & my underwear.  At the end of today, it took me all of 45 seconds to go from working to sitting on the couch with a popsicle.  Not too shabby.

I’m on pseudo-bedrest (that’s what I’m calling it) where I’m staying home and resting as much as possible, although still going to pre-natal yoga and taking a few easy walks in the evenings.  I’m soaking my feet at night.  I’m taking way more supplements than I thought existed.  I’m charting everything I consume.  100oz of water, 100g of protein, every day.  Greens, eggs, cucumbers, dark chocolate (woo hoo), all the right things to keep my blood pressure down and to continue creating a tiny super genius.  I’m listening to hypnobirthing audio tapes, and creating a sense of peace and calm around the upcoming birth.  I’m focusing pretty much all my energy these days on growing this baby and preparing to introduce him to the world.

This evening I ate a watermelon while sitting calmly, and realized how much I’ve changed my lifestyle in the past few months to get ready for the kid.  And I just felt so happy.  That I’m lucky enough to be able to lie around eating watermelon and dreaming about a baby.  That I have an awesome husband who is taking such good care of me and who is likewise thrilled about our upcoming adventure.  That I’m as healthy as I am, and that I know what needs to be done for the less healthy aspects of pregnancy so that it doesn’t affect me or the baby.  I’m just so happy that this has all turned out how it has, and that it appears to be continuing nicely.

And somehow that coexists with my HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS I’M GOING TO HAVE A BABY IN A MATTER OF DAYS freak out.  I’m not sure how, but I’m rolling with it.

Week 36: Little Baby Watermelon


I forgot to post last week. The baby did not forget to keep growing, however.