How many photos can we take of a tiny human?

Answer: lots.

I realized a few weeks ago that this baby is constantly changing.  I then burst into tears and wailed to the Lumberjack “are we taking enough pictures to remember everything?!” and he unfortunately said “probably not” so now I have about a thousand pictures of a sleeping baby and they all look the same.  Cute, but still.  The baby is sleeping.  It’s not all that interesting.

However!  Last week my brother, sister-in-law and nephew (eeeee!!!!!) were in town, so my mom scheduled a family photo shoot.  So now we have some photos where you can actually see my kid looking like an interesting little person.

See?  Instead of sleeping, he’s just sleepy.

I’m also taking videos of him where I film him sitting there as I narrate the various tasks he’s accomplished lately.  They go something like this:

Atticus: (stares blankly at the camera)

me: Hello, sweetpea!  Today is October 25 and you are almost 2 months old!

Atticus: (rolls eyes slowly towards the wall)

me: Today we went on a picnic!  You screamed a lot.

Atticus: (blinks eyes three times)

me: I put you on your stomach for tummy time.  You hated it.

Atticus: (slides sidewise)

me: You’re still the cutest baby ever!

Atticus: (spits up a bunch of milk all over himself)

me: oops.


OMG we have LOLs

The baby can smile. AKA, my heart is done for.



It’s all part of his plot to DESTROY

Diaper Debate

One category cloth diapers will always beat disposables in is CUTENESS. Look at this little naked hippy. Jesus.