So Many Months with Atticus. aka, hello again.

So…it’s been awhile.


Atticus is an awesome 16mo toddler, who NEVER STOPS MOVING.


Things change so quickly with a toddler. All of a sudden one day he’s humming a tune from a song that I know. He’s humming a specific tune! You guys, he is a MUSICAL GENIUS. So, you see – as much as things change constantly around here, the changes and abilities and magical new encounters are far too much to keep up with on a monthly basis on here. So, so long Shotgun Fetus.


I have, drumroll please, begun to quilt. Yep, my life is just that exciting. So, this space will now be used for my quilting adventures. Maybe I’ll change the name to something like Old Maternal Lady Who Stitches Quilts and Talks About Her Special Snowflake Child. We’ll see.