It’s almost June!

…which means it’s almost the Lumberjack’s birthday.  Last night he said that all he wants to do for his birthday is to go to a sensory deprivation tank.  My husband is bizarre.

I’ve always viewed June & July as being the same month – they sound the same, and they always blur together for me.  And seeing as how the ninja fetus is due in August, I basically feel like I’m going to give birth NEXT MONTH.  I know this isn’t true.  But it still freaks me out a bit.

My plants are all planted and hanging out in the sun on the roof…now I just have to wait for them to do something.

That picture was taken at 6:30pm, and they’d been in direct sunlight since 10am.  Take that, vegetables!  Grow like the wind!  There are two kinds of basil in the orange box up top, tomatoes in the middle tub, cucumbers (I’m going to be a Pickling Queen) in the tub on the right.  Different kinds of peppers in the tall round pots, including a jalepeno plant (pickling those too!).  Lettuce & arugula in front of the tall pots, cilantro in the reddish short pot.  Phew!

I mostly feel like these this days:

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