Week 31: I miss the Lumberjack


I’m still in Florida, waiting through Tropical Storm Debby and missing my husband. I’d miss him anyway, even if there was no fetus. But it feels especially lonely when he’s not around to put his hands on my belly and get that amazed expression when he feels movement. And there is SO much movement! Last night my whole belly just started shaking all over. It was CRAZY.

I’m officially entering the “holy shit is the baby okay?!” phase where I freak out at least once an hour that he’s suddenly dead. I have no idea why.

I got to spend the weekend with the Lumberjack’s cousin & family (that’s the fetus’s second cousin in the photo) which was fun. I like feeling all the love for this little baby, from all around the world.

It’s June 26; he’s due August 26. Holy SHIT.


Week 30: Off to Florida


You guys, I’m seriously huge.

Also, I am now in Florida. Flying in the third trimester – not that different than flying non-pregnant, except I have to pee every 30 minutes.

Week 29: the Lumberjack is older

This week was the Lumberjack’s birthday!  In a fit of domestic bliss, I baked my first cake (from scratch).  I was even barefoot while doing it.  This was not necessarily the future I would have guessed for myself a decade ago.  One of our best friends shares a birthday with him, so we had a joint birthday picnic.  We ended up staying there for 7 hours and hosting way more people than expected, so my Saturday evening = me on the couch, totally beat.  Operation Pregnant Wife was a success.  Look how cute they are.

In baby news, he has gone CRAZY with the kick-boxing.  The other day I could barely concentrate at work (to be fair, I was sitting in on the world’s most boring interview ever) because I kept staring at my stomach, watching it MOVE FROM WITHIN.  He still only wants to hang out on my right side, though, which is starting to make me look a little lopsided.  I like the dependability though, always knowing exactly where he is.

I’m still gaining about a pound a week.  My knees are definitely feeling the difference.  At a friend’s house last weekend we had a bonfire and wrote down things we wanted to shed on pieces of paper, then burned them.  One of mine was “fear of 200” because I need to get over my vain issues with hitting 200lbs.  My friends immediately did the whole “oh, you won’t weigh that much!” and “don’t worry, you look amazing!” etc.  I said “I…weigh 199.5 right now.  THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN.”  I keep reminding myself that the pounds are for the baby, and that it’s healthy and normal to gain weight, and blah blah blah 200 is just an arbitrary number.  I know.  I know!  Still.  200 is so daunting.  I am working on it.

We’ve come up with a few more names for the list – we now have 5 top picks.  I don’t want to pick a final name until I see his little face, but it’s nice to have a few ideas to work with.  My parents still dislike everything we’ve come up with.

On Monday I fly off to Jacksonville (Florida), where I will live out of a hotel for 2 weeks while training 8am-4pm every day.  Can you sense my enthusiasm?  I tried to convince the Lumberjack to come visit me over the weekend.  He said “…in Florida?!” and then didn’t stop laughing.  So, technically, he didn’t say no.

Week 28: Third Trimester!

Here we go, friends.  I’m entering the final countdown.  3 more months!  12 more weeks!  83 more days!  I’m basically giving birth tomorrow!  JUST KIDDING.

I feel like I’m returning to the first trimester in a lot of ways.  Feeling emotional and physically uncomfortable, and getting tired more easily again.  Mostly everything is great – seriously, I think my body was made to do this pregnancy thing, it’s rolling with the punches so easily – but I do miss being able to just hop off the couch or stay up past 10pm.

I can’t think of much else to say at this point.  I’ve been pregnant for so long (SO LONG) that it mostly feels routine.  Exciting!  But normal.  Things at home are still going great – I keep wanting to pet the Lumberjack’s face I’m so in love with it.  He is incredibly patient with my fits of swoon.  We’ll just be hanging out on the couch when I will suddenly grab his leg, overcome with OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A BAAAAYBEEE!  But I can’t help it!  We’re making a family and he is fantastic and I’m feeling pretty good about myself as well and we’re going to be PARENTS and are going to be in charge of the cutest little boy ever who will wear onesies covered with frogs and will know above all else that he is loved, wanted and welcome.

That’s what I say to him every morning and every night.  While laying in bed I put my right hand on my belly (he only hangs out on the right side; I do not know why) and close my eyes and think over and over “you are loved, you are wanted, you are welcome” and then he usually bumps into me a bit.  Oh, baby.  You’re going to be so awesome.