Eleven Months with Atticus

Shit, he’s going to be a year old in 15 days. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN.


In July I took him to a music class. He was a little too young to get much out of it, until they brought out a drum larger than him. And then he went ape-shit.

Note to self: buy your kid a drum.


He remains obsessed – seriously, I mean it. OBSESSED – with spinning wheels. Spin, spin, spin. He will spin them for hours. We went to a picnic once. We were there two hours. I think he MAYBE spent about 20 minutes doing something other than spinning the damn stroller wheels. Above you can see his new trick – he flips the stroller onto its back, so that the front/top wheels are free to spin away. Spin spin spin.


For the most part he’s a lot of fun to take places. He’s pretty happy to hang out in high chairs, and I let him taste everything I’m eating, just to watch his hilarious facial expression responses. Sometimes he’ll get fidgety and cranky, but he can usually be soothed by a quick walk around the block. I’ve heard that the ability of a baby/child to behave in a restaurant is a constantly changing experience, and that the most perfect angelic little restaurant goer will, months later, turn into a nightmare brat. So, I’m just enjoying the current phase, because I love having him out with us.


Last month he also got really good at standing in a variety of places, not just in his crib or against familiar furniture. He was still a little nervous about it, but seemed so excited whenever he mastered it.


Short post, I know. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year.