Seven Months with Atticus (the photo)


This is now hopelessly out of date, of course.



He now sucks on his big toe like it’s an extra thumb. Remind me to bathe him more.



THIS KID WEIGHS SEVENTEEN POUNDS. He’s not even three months old yet. W T Fuck?!

Baby’s First Vote


Starting him young. He grunted his choices – we seem to have a little liberal on our hands.



Grandma wanted to take pictures, baby just wanted to find his goddamn lunch (hint: it’s not in my armpit, kid).



We named the little squawker! I can’t get over this baby thing. I HAVE A BABY. So bizarre. He’s still consuming all my time & energy, but a longer post is on its way soon. Once I stop staring at this little face, that is.



He squeaks like a pterodactyl and has wide open grey eyes. He is still nameless; also, absolutely perfect. 8 hours of labor, 40 minutes of pushing, and KABLAM I’m a mom.

Week 39: Nesting


Me + the 3 babies. The human one is still cooking; the feline ones are assisting in furniture building. Sort of.

Week 36: Little Baby Watermelon


I forgot to post last week. The baby did not forget to keep growing, however.

Not the best Friday night.


So, I’m in the hospital. In Boulder. I’ve been feeling really off all week, so I checked my blood pressure today and it was ridiculously high. My midwife told me to get it tested at the hospital, and suddenly I’m in a bed strapped to a bunch of monitors. Ugh. They’re keeping me overnight to monitor my pee (I have to pee in a jug for 24 hours), to make sure there’s no protein in it. Then they’ll release me as long as I head home asap and get in bed. So I get to go home a week early, but in the meantime I’m in the fucking hospital. They say the baby “sounds perfect,” though, so that’s a relief. He’s still wiggling away!