Attention Non-Birthing Parents:

If your lovely, sleep-deprived ladyfriend mentions her dissatisfaction with the extra pudge around her midsection, which is a direct result of her spending the last 14 months of her life growing, producing, and sustaining your only begotten son, the correct response is NOT “you’re eating too much sugar.”  Oh, you assumed everyone already knew that?  Yeah, SO DID I.

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  1. jess

     /  January 28, 2013


  2. If you don’t know the woman is pregnant, and she is standing next to her husband holding her two month old son, DO NOT SAY YOU MUST BE BRAVE TO HAVE TWO CHILDREN AND LOOK AT HER STOMACH! Anyways, I feel for you. WRONG ANSWER DUDE>

  3. southernfriedinvegas

     /  February 25, 2013

    My favorite? “It looks like you’re losing a lot of weight IN YOUR FACE.”
    So…basically she was saying that my face isn’t bloated with pregnancy anymore, but my ass and everything else is the same? Thanks.


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