Three Months with Atticus

My baby is 3 months old!  Of course, the next day he started wearing 6mo clothing.  Good lord.IMG_3925

Breastfeeding is still fantastic (my milk supply got Seriously Out Of Control).  The only tricky thing is that my ridiculously long baby now hangs off my lap, so nursing in public has gotten more difficult.  I love having him curled up in my lap, but he needs extra pillows to support his entire body, so the quick restaurant feed is now an ordeal as he writhes around, trying to get comfortable.  However!  The other day I nursed him in the Ergo baby carrier, in the baking aisle of the grocery store!  That was pretty awesome.  Especially when an older couple came up to coo at him and got all up in his face, then realized what they were looking at (aka my boob) and practically ran away.  Oops.

He’s turning into a kid!  He plays with a toy!  Well, he grasps it, pulls it up to his mouth, and then frantically tries to shove it in his mouth while licking it all over.IMG_3917  This kid wants everything to be in his mouth.  His favorite trick is to shove one fist in his mouth, then use the other hand to push his fist in farther.  ?!  He has been known to do this until he gags himself.  Charming.

He's not always pleased about the weather

He’s not always pleased about the weather

The weather  has gotten colder, which means I have to bundle this baby up more.  Our apartment is freezing, so he’s wrapped up as much as possible.  I miss seeing his soft skin!  It’s fun taking him outside with everything all crisp and cool, though, since he’s perked up and pays much more attention now to his surroundings.  He’s big enough to face outwards in the carrier, and he seems to be taking everything in.  He likes to hold each of my pointer fingers in has hands, like he’s steering me around.

Baby knows that napping is the best part of Thanksgiving.

Baby knows that napping is the best part of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving was low-key this year.  The Lumberjack’s brother came down and we went to my parents’ house.  We had the usual food stuff, with the usual family issues (aka my mom still hasn’t accepted that she doesn’t like to do the whole big cooking/hosting thing, and that’s FINE and we’re all perfectly happy anyway, so enough with the pretending and the apologizing let’s just order food from somewhere else and enjoy each other’s company!), but we had a BABY!  He was adorable and in a lovely mood and took a bunch of naps so that I could drink beer.  Nice job, kid.

I went back to work the day before he turned 3 months old.  That is its own post, really.

Okay, to be honest it’s way past him turning 3 months old.  He’s over 3.5 months at this point.  So I don’t really remember what happened last month as opposed to what’s happening now, so I’ll stop here and just promise myself to get on my 4 month post faster!

Also, the shooting in Connecticut this morning has totally fucked with my head.  I got home and couldn’t squeeze him hard enough.  This morning I woke up around 6:30am California time, and he was lying there, wide awake, his eyes and mouth both open huge all happy & smiling.  He’s always so happy in the morning.  I just watched him for awhile, thinking about how lucky I am to have this amazing baby, and just falling in love with him all over again.  Then I find out later that at that exact time, across the country there were 5yo babies being fucking slaughtered.  I can’t even understand this.

My baby is 3 months old.

My baby is 3 months old.

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