One Month With Atticus

We did it!  We kept a human baby alive for an entire month.  Amazing.

I am madly in love with this baby.  I stare at him while he sleeps.  I kiss his face almost constantly.  I can’t believe I ever gave one tiny shit about him being a boy and not a girl because this baby is MY BABY and he is AWESOME and who gives a fuck otherwise.

this baby does not enjoy the bath.

Here is how we are doing on all my hippy/crunchy/attachment parenting adventures!

Breastfeeding:  At the risk of jinxing myself, I think we’re getting the hang out it!  It definitely hurt in the beginning, but this baby figured out the latch concept pretty quickly and it now just hurts a bit (like getting pinched) when he starts and then it’s fine.  During the first two weeks my nipples would randomly hurt throughout the day when the baby was nowhere near them, as if they were being twisted by some asshole, but that has thankfully subsided completely.

I make a LOT of milk in these boobs.  They are enormous and rock-hard when I wake up, and at least half of my shirt is usually soaked.  After the first morning feeding, I usually pump during the next hour or two while he sleeps again, and I’ve been getting about 10-15oz to store away.  I’ll need to stock up more once it gets closer to Going Back To Work time, but for now this easily meets our needs.

I seem to have no shame in exposing my boobs in public (the nine years of burlesque dancing probably helped with that).  I have nursing tank-tops (OH MY GOD I LOVE THEM – SERIOUSLY I DON’T WANT TO WEAR ANYTHING ELSE), so I just pull down the top flap and stick my kid on there no matter where I am.  Most people seem to just ignore it, although this afternoon we were having lunch in a local pub and I was feeding the baby, when a (very drunk, especially considering it was only 3pm) woman walked by, knelt down, and seriously stuck her face about 3 inches from my boob and just stared.  After a few seconds I said “…can I help you?” and she said “how old is it?”  Nice.

So anyway, the breastfeeding is now going pretty well.  The best part is definitely the cute little humming noise that he makes while eating.  Seriously, it’s heart-meltingly adorable.  As is everything else he does.  Fuck, this kid is killing me on a daily basis.  HOW ARE YOU SO FUCKING CUTE.  I need to stop swearing so much.

taking the baby on a mini-hike for my birthday

Baby wearing: We have three strollers, all of which were free hand-me-downs, and none of which have been used yet.  We also have three baby carriers, and I’m using the hell out of them.  Wearing the baby is great!  My hands are free, I can maneuver easily in crowded places, and I can kiss his head as much as I want.  I have the Moby for keeping him all snug up against me and the Beco (Gemini) for long walks or lots of errands.  I also have a sling, which was perfect for awhile – it had the coziness of the Moby but was really easy to pull him out of it and stick him back in – but for some reason he now hates it.  Who knows why.

Co-sleeping:I looooooooooove this.  Tiny little baby sleeping next to me with the quilt pulled up over all of us?  To die for.  Also, at 3am when he’s hungry I can just roll onto my side and give him the boob – no getting up for me!  I do have to turn the light on, though – last time I tried to nurse in the dark, I was getting really frustrated at his failure to latch until I realized he was lying on his back and I was sticking my nipple in his ear.  Awkward.

I want to sleep next to this kid forevvvvvvvver.

Our schedule right now looks like this: I go to sleep around 9/10pm, after feeding the baby.  He sleeps in a cozy little chair thing in the living room, while the Lumberjack stays up on the computer, watching tv, or whatever he does all night long.  He bottle-feeds as needed, from whatever I pumped that morning.  When he’s ready for bed, usually around 3/4am (seriously, he kept this schedule long before the kid showed up), he brings the baby in and wakes me up, I feed him, and we all go to sleep.  The baby usually wakes me up around 5/6 to eat, and then again around 8/9, at which point he & I get up and go to the living room.  Then I feed him again, he sleeps, and I pump and watch bad television.  He wakes up again around noon, which is usually when the Lumberjack gets up, and then we we’re all together until the late evening when I go to bed and it all starts over again.  It’s going pretty well.  The Lumberjack has alone time at night, I have alone time in the morning, and we have family time the rest of the day.  And best of all, I get to sleep for a good 5-6 hours straight!  AWESOME.

he’s one month old! and is in a dumb bulky diaper. boo.

Cloth diapering:Okay, you know what?  I hate cloth diapering.  I feel like a bad liberal/whatever mom for saying that, but it’s true.  I hate it.  They’re bulky, a hassle to deal with, and they stay wet which is no fun for the baby.  Disposables, however, are much easier to handle, and they wick away moisture SO much better.  The baby seems way happier in them.  And it’s 2012, so there are plenty of earth-friendly options out there.  We registered for a diaper service and many of our friends very generously gave us gift certificates, so we’ll keep using the service for awhile, but once we have to start paying for it I think we’ll drop it.  Because seriously, I hate it.  Do you like it?  Can you tell me what I’m missing?

PLACENTA EATING: I did it.  Had placenta smoothie (raw placenta blended into a regular fruit smoothie) the first 2 days post-birth, and have been taking placenta pills (the rest of the placenta, encapsulated) since then.  Has it had amazing effects?  No idea.  I do feel pretty good, though.  Tired, but not exhausted.  Weepy at times, but not depressed.  So, there you go.

I love this baby.

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  1. I love cloth diapers but we didn’t start until Max was 8 weeks old and I never used those flat kind- we use bumgenius. I have found that cloth diapers contain serious poop-splosions (just wait!) much better than disposables.

  2. jess

     /  October 1, 2012

    Aw, baby Atticus. Good job, parents! I am pretty sure everyone’s in agreement that cloth diapers are kind of a pain in the ass. People do it because they don’t sit in landfills for 10,000,000 years and they are much cheaper (esp. cheaper organic eco-friendly disposable diapers, which still sit in landfills for all eternity). I’m glad the breastfeeding and cosleeping and baby wearing are working out for you!

    • Even the compostable, bio-degradable ones? I thought those were safe. They’re also almost the same price as the cloth diaper service.

      • jess

         /  October 1, 2012

        If they go in the trash, they are being entombed in a landfill, period. Organic substances “biodegrade” when they are broken down by other living organisms (such as enzymes and microbes) into their constituent parts, and in turn recycled by nature as the building blocks for new life. In landfills, there is typically not much dirt, very little oxygen, and very little microorganism activity. Landfills are packed tightly with trash and sealed until the future archaeologists come along and dig them up to admire what wasteful, idiotic fools we were.

        Putting them in with your yard waste/food waste compostables is gross and probably/hopefully not allowed. It’s not allowed here. Commercial compost facilities are not designed to compost human waste safely.

        Some people might compost their disposable diapers themselves, but the kind of people who are set up to compost humanure are probably already using cloth diapers.

        Everyone has to work out for themselves how they feel about convenience versus their landfill guilt, but there is no way to justify that disposable diapers are just as “safe” for the environment as cloth diapers. It is just not comparable.

      • Gross – I didn’t know that about “biodegradable” stuff! Luckily our compostable diapers are composted here in a facility meant for them, so they really are being broken down correctly. But that’s awful news about everything else I put in the trash.

      • jess

         /  October 1, 2012

        They have a specific diaper composting facility?

      • Yep – it’s a local diaper service that picks up the diapers and composts them for you.

      • jess

         /  October 1, 2012

        this is a pretty good explanation of “biodegradable products.”

        during a 2001 study from the University of Arizona, researchers, “Excavated 21 landfills across North America and reported finding hundreds of undecomposed hot dogs, corn starch and lettuce dating back to the 1960s. They also found 2,425 newspapers – still readable – that were essentially used to date the food.”

  3. jess

     /  October 1, 2012

    Why won’t it let me respond to comments? WordPress, you are such a pita.

    Does the composting service provide diapers, like the cloth diaper service does or do you shop from a list of ‘approved’ diapers?

  4. The question really is, how are YOU so effing cute?! Seriously, you look great! I’m so glad breastfeeding is turning out better for y’all than it did for us. Atticus is a doll. Also, clothe diapering does take a little getting used to, but if you want to try again with it, try several different types of diapers. We use mostly prefolds because theyre cheaper and they dry quickly so I never really have to run them in the dryer and can just let them line dry overnight. But whatever makes your life easier, do it.

  5. I’m so glad to hear you guys are doing so well! I had SUCH a hard time breast feeding and Baby L never slept, which meant neither did I. So I spent my entire day, pumping, feeding and wishing I was asleep. Congrats on that, for REALS! Also, the placenta eating! YAY! I was hoping someone would do it and report back! I actually thought about it, but it seemed that I was the only person around ME who didn’t think it was totally disgusting. That didn’t impact my decision not to, I just really didn’t feel very strongly either way. Go team YOU!

  6. Hi Devon! (It’s Jennifer who you met via Offbeat Mama in case you don’t recognize me in the picture.)

    Sounds like you are doing great in your life as a new mama. Atticus is a total doll…I am in love with his pink heart jammies! I know a lot of people who hate cloth diapering. It really works for us and saves us a ton of money so if you’re ever interested in hearing how we manage it I’m happy to tell you.

    Oh and I’m proud of you for the placenta eating! I had some anemia issues so I wish I had been able to do it raw but the capsules worked well for me.

    Hope to see you and your sweet baby soon!

  7. I’ve been using Honest diapers and I’ve been really super happy with them.


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