Week 38: Stretchmark :(

I got it.  I got a stretchmark.  It is tiny – it looks like a few little spots.  Like tiny footprints!  From my son!

Nope, you can’t make me find it cute, despite your (and the Lumberjack’s) best attempts.  Thumbs down.

1. that’s a big baby, and 2. we need to clean the bathroom mirror.

Otherwise, however, everything is GREAT.  We met with Laura (our midwife) on Saturday, and after reviewing my carefully charted blood pressure readings from last week…she thinks I can birth at the center!!!  I have to have another week of low readings like last week’s, but still.  It’s a real option again.  I feel so happy and relieved.  I’m still reminding myself that we might not get it, and am trying to make sure I don’t get my hopes up only to get heartbroken again, but it’s hard.  Because I feel so positive about this.  I really feel like it’s going to happen.  We can do this, baby!

I had the “growth ultrasound” today, which confirmed that he is still right on target.  Everything looked great.  She estimated that he weighs 7lbs 15oz.  She printed me a picture of his profile, and I swear he looks like the Lumberjack.  If the Lumberjack was a smooshed up fetus, I guess.

The house is still getting organized, slowly.  We are still working on names.  Tonight’s suggestions were Pistol, Swelter, and Seuss.  Seriously, where is the Lumberjack getting these ideas?

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  1. You are so CLOSE. And yay for the potential birth center option again!

  2. southernfriedinvegas

     /  August 16, 2012

    My hubby wanted Gummy’s middle name to be Steele for the longest time. I almost considered it. Feel free to steal it.
    I also have friends that named their son Lincoln, which I think is badass. It might also be because his middle name is Danger. For real. Lincoln Danger.

  3. Are you having your baby yet or what? I need another belly pic or I’ll think you’re in labor.


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