Week 31: I miss the Lumberjack


I’m still in Florida, waiting through Tropical Storm Debby and missing my husband. I’d miss him anyway, even if there was no fetus. But it feels especially lonely when he’s not around to put his hands on my belly and get that amazed expression when he feels movement. And there is SO much movement! Last night my whole belly just started shaking all over. It was CRAZY.

I’m officially entering the “holy shit is the baby okay?!” phase where I freak out at least once an hour that he’s suddenly dead. I have no idea why.

I got to spend the weekend with the Lumberjack’s cousin & family (that’s the fetus’s second cousin in the photo) which was fun. I like feeling all the love for this little baby, from all around the world.

It’s June 26; he’s due August 26. Holy SHIT.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about you this past week or so b/c my fetus is hanging out on the right side, like you’ve been experiencing. EB did the same thing. Have you felt hiccups yet?


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