Week 28: Third Trimester!

Here we go, friends.  I’m entering the final countdown.  3 more months!  12 more weeks!  83 more days!  I’m basically giving birth tomorrow!  JUST KIDDING.

I feel like I’m returning to the first trimester in a lot of ways.  Feeling emotional and physically uncomfortable, and getting tired more easily again.  Mostly everything is great – seriously, I think my body was made to do this pregnancy thing, it’s rolling with the punches so easily – but I do miss being able to just hop off the couch or stay up past 10pm.

I can’t think of much else to say at this point.  I’ve been pregnant for so long (SO LONG) that it mostly feels routine.  Exciting!  But normal.  Things at home are still going great – I keep wanting to pet the Lumberjack’s face I’m so in love with it.  He is incredibly patient with my fits of swoon.  We’ll just be hanging out on the couch when I will suddenly grab his leg, overcome with OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A BAAAAYBEEE!  But I can’t help it!  We’re making a family and he is fantastic and I’m feeling pretty good about myself as well and we’re going to be PARENTS and are going to be in charge of the cutest little boy ever who will wear onesies covered with frogs and will know above all else that he is loved, wanted and welcome.

That’s what I say to him every morning and every night.  While laying in bed I put my right hand on my belly (he only hangs out on the right side; I do not know why) and close my eyes and think over and over “you are loved, you are wanted, you are welcome” and then he usually bumps into me a bit.  Oh, baby.  You’re going to be so awesome.

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  1. So sweet! You made me smile this morning – and that is not an easy thing to do! 🙂

  2. So precious!! That baby boy is blessed to have a mommy who is so thrilled to welcome him into the world.

  3. He’s going to be awesome because YOU’RE awesome!


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