Week 24: my baby is a fish

The anterior placenta has been breached – THERE IS MOVEMENT.  Saturday night at the movies, suddenly I started feeling little fish-like flippy movements in my belly.  The baby is a fan of The Avengers!  He’s been moving ever since, and even the Lumberjack has been able to feel a kick or two.  It seriously feels like a tiny little eel darting about.  IT IS SO WEIRD.  And it is SO COOL.

Nothing else changed much this week, although the weather is getting hotter.  One of the Lumberjack’s friends from high school came to visit for a few nights.  I am constantly impressed with what totally nice guys he’s friends with.  Unfortunately they all tend to be in committed relationships, or else I would pimp them out post haste.  This bodes well for his ability to help co-parent this fish into an awesome dude.

The weekend was perfect – went garage sailing with A3 and bought $5 worth of adorable baby outfits, got plenty of exercise, played dominoes & ate homemade icecream, spent quality time with the Lumberjack, and laid on the couch watching tv all Sunday night because I Felt Like It (see photo).  Not too shabby, this pregnancy thing.

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  1. Our kid was digging The Avengers, too. I think it’s a fetus-friendly movie.

    Also, I like the As I Lay Dying reference in the title.

  2. Yup, my placenta is on the front, too, so I couldn’t feel much until recently. Now I can share the tiny bumps with my Hubs! Let me tell you, once they get bigger, you start to feel definite body parts, and behold the amazement. You can’t get anything done because if the coolness of gestating a human.

  3. It absolutely is the strangest feeling in the world. And then when you can tell that there is most definitely an ELBOW in your ribcage, it gets really real!

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