Conversation while watching Prison Break

me: Oh my god, we need to have a second baby.

Lumberjack: why?

me: What if this baby is Lincoln? HE NEEDS A MICHAEL SCOFIELD.

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  1. Most of our conversations center around things like “Wait, isn’t it June? Why are they wearing long sleeves and knit caps?” and “Why didn’t they just kill T-Bag with that axe?” and “Why did you want to watch this show again? Aside form your obvious crush on Wentworth Miller?” Karli needs to stop asking me those things.

    On the other hand, the third season gave me the best idea ever if I ever (learn to play an instrument and) start a band. It’ll be called Chicken Foot Sammy. And it WILL rock faces off.

    • SERIOUSLY WHY WON’T ANYONE JUST KILL T-BAG. I think every single character has had the option at some point. Practically every episode involves him almost getting knifed and then NO ONE DOES IT. He is a child molester, rapist, and murderer, and he keeps coming after all of you. JUST KILL HIM ALREADY.

      We’re halfway through Season 3…spoilers by damned, will you please just tell me if he finally dies at some point?!

      • No. No he doesn’t. But he is the one who utters my favorite “Chicken Foot Sammy” line.

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