Week 22: the Lumberjack steals all my attention.

I’m still enjoying the unicorn sparkly rainbow happiness of the second trimester, but  the poor Lumberjack is not nearly as happy…poor guy got The Flu, and has been pretty miserable for almost a week.  He started sleeping on the couch, since his coughing was waking me up (it was seriously like an air horn right in my ear) and he didn’t want to infect me (aww).  I told him this was ridiculous – he’s sick!  he gets the bed!  He responded with – you’re pregnant!  you get the bed!  This was a stupid argument, but I let him win anyway.  Besides, it’s a very comfortable couch, and he gets the tv.  I think he’ll survive.

So anyway, I get to play nurse, and make up a bed for him, bring him coconut water, etc.  Last night when I was getting him clean sheets, I realized THIS IS WHAT MOMS DO and I got a little excited.  Not that I want to have a sick kid.  But it’s a really good feeling to be able to take care of people I love and know I’m helping them feel a little bit better.

(I will also be glad when he is healthy again so that I can go back to being the one waited on.  I only have 18 more weeks!)

I had my final burlesque show on Saturday.  It felt good to get back out on the stage, and sad to be leaving…but also: damn, I get tired easily.  I think this is the right time to (temporarily!) hang up my pasties.

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