Week 18: I can can-can (for now)

Does this costume make me look pregnant?

I capped off a relatively happy and uneventful week with one of my last burlesque shows as a pregnant lady.  We did a bunch of high-impact/energy numbers which definitely took its toll afterward as I panted in the dressing room.  It’s official – I don’t think I should be can-can-ing anymore!

We have two more shows in April, but we’re just doing one number in each and it’s not too high-impact, so I think I should be fine.  But…my stomach seems to have exploded because suddenly I Seriously Look Pregnant.  We altered the costume for April’s shows to cover my belly, but still.  I’m not feeling burlesque-y in the same way as I used to, so I’m glad that I won’t be performing much longer.

Otherwise week 18 was pretty relaxed.  Saw my midwife again and heard the baby’s heartbeat – this time it was super syncopated and sounded like the bass line of a rap song.  I felt a few flutters that seemed like it could be Baby Movement, but nothing much.

Oh, and I ate an entire jar of peanut butter.   And it was DELICIOUS.

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  1. Wow – you look awesome!


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