Week 17: So long, belly button.

My belly button is on its way out.  It is currently very wide and flat, and at any given second it’s going to pop out and then I’m going to have a big nipple under my shirt poking out saying hi.  The Lumberjack is thrilled with this change – he gently pokes it every chance he can get, and soothingly says how cute it is.  We have agreed to disagree.

My endurance has gone to pot.  We went on a walk yesterday – maybe 20 minutes?  Walked up to the tea shop like a refined married couple, had some tea, browsed in a bookstore, picked up some groceries, walked home.  Halfway there I had to stop because I was panting from exertion.  Panting from walking!  I ran two half marathons last year!  This is ridiculous.


on the roof

No other real changes this week, although I’m pretty much officially Looking Pregnant now.  I have my bi-weekly check in with my supervisor on Thursday, so I’m going to tell her then.  It will be nice to be able to embrace my cute new shirts instead of trying to hide in baggy sweaters.

Oh, I almost fainted on bart again this morning.  Like the last time, the train was super crowded and warm, and I was still all bundled up.  I felt awkward asking for a seat when it was already packed, so I just smooshed up against the wall…after about 15 minutes I started seeing spots and feeling really woozy, and I could tell exactly what was about to happen.  Luckily that was when we hit the first San Francisco stop, so a third of the car emptied and I was able to grab a seat.  I quickly took off my coat and scarf, and sat there panting a little bit while other people did their best to look like they weren’t staring at me.  Note to self: be the honey badger on bart train.  Don’t give a shit – take what you want.  I want a seat!  Done.

Also!  How cute is my tiny nephew?!?!  Seriously, this kid is killing me he is so freaking cute.  I keep obsessively looking through my brother’s facebook album of pictures, even when I know there’s nothing new.  I just stare at the same pictures over and over.  Which is weird for me – babies are cute and all, but usually I only want to see 2 or 3 pictures before it gets pretty boring because they aren’t really doing much.  But this baby?  I will stare at his face no matter what he does.  Or doesn’t do.  Oh man.  So totally adorable.

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  1. You’re almost halfway! Can you believe it?


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