Freecycle. Seriously.

Freecycle is the shit.

GO THERE.  Last night I went to pick up a changing table – a basic Ikea table that is in perfect condition, FREE.  Then, while there, the woman asked whether I wanted a brand new breast pump.  Sure, that sounds good.  Oh, what about a Baby Bjorn?  And a Moby wrap?  And a brand new baby blanket?  WHAT ABOUT ALL THIS OTHER STUFF?

Seriously, you guys, it is all FREE.  You post what you’re looking for, and someone responds!  Or, you browse the offers, and email to claim!  It is so easy!  And it feels nice to be reusing/recycling instead of pouring cash into the crazy Industrial Baby Complex.

Also, tonight someone is coming to pick up the old table and chairs that are just taking up space in the back room.  Take my table and chairs!  They are free!

EVERYTHING SHOULD BE FREE.  Except my work, which I should probably get back to if I want to earn the paycheck.

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  1. A3

     /  March 8, 2012

    I heart freecycle. HEART IT. I mean it is amazing. Changes my life. In fact, I have a carpet I need to get rid of, right about now…


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