So far this Magical Second Trimester is a big fat lie.  I can’t even brush my teeth in the morning without gagging like crazy, heaving over the sink with a mouth rapidly filling with spit.  Awwwwwesome.

I have been craving salads like a crazy person.  I went through an entire bottle of salad dressing in one week, all on my own.  I just sent the Lumberjack an email reminding him that YES I NEED ANOTHER ONE.  Seriously, friends.  Trader Joe’s Pear Champagne Vinagrette Is The Shit.  I would drink it if that wasn’t totally disgusting.

The Lumberjack came with me to my second doctor’s appointment last week, and saw his first ultra-sound.  He had the same response as I did – “oh wait, woah, it’s MOVING.”  It’s been really exciting and sweet to watch him (and me, honestly) come around from WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE PREGNANT to OMG BABYYYY!!!  Okay, neither of us are quite there yet.  But it’s getting so exciting to know we’re creating our own family.  Yesterday morning when I didn’t want to get off the couch, what with all the bullshit nausea, he patted my stomach with a stern face and said “be nice to mommy, fetus.”  Okay maybe you had to be there.  But he’s just so cute.  And it’s fun watching him tell people the news, because he gets so smiley.

Oh look!  It’s a smitten blog entry again where I swoon all over my husband.  Sheesh.  In other news, he wants to name the baby Ajax.  I responded with “no comment.”

Bizarrely warm February weather = more hikes

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  1. maybe you can compromise on Axel?

  2. Dude, I think I met a Persephone the other day. She was 3 and had wild, curly hair. And a hippie mom who sold me cloth diapers. And I’m counting the days until your almost-barfs go away! I know it will happen soon. It HAS to.

  3. My wife gags on almost every-damn-thing now. Her gag reflex was never good to begin with, but now she gags on her prenatal pills, brushing her teeth, her dinner, glasses of water–it doesn’t take much to set it off. What’s up with those babies?

  4. OMG, the gagging. I did this from months three thru, like, 5 and then it stopped (you know, when the heartburn returned) and came back about 2 weeks ago! I can’t take it!


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