Week 13…second trimester wooooooooooo


Little has changed this week, which is actually a bummer.  I was expecting all the glitter & rainbows that everyone says happens during the magical second trimester, and instead I got more nausea, even more intense than it’s been so far.  Like, mouth filling up with watery spit omg-I’m-about-to-puke nausea.  I think this is what most women have been having for weeks, while I was complaining about feeling a little hungover, so for that: I’m sorry for not understanding.  Please take back these feelings – I do not want them.
In my non-pregnant life, things have been moving along normally.  My hypochondriac Lumberjack finally got on my health insurance and saw a doctor who confirmed that no, he does not have cancer that is going to kill him in 6 months.  So, that was good.  Had our quarterly costume sweatshop with the burlesque troupe where I spent a few hours sewing rows of lace onto bras while Head Lady In Charge re-vamped the costume’s current bustier top into a babydoll dress so that I won’t be exploding out of it when we perform in April (aka when I am 20 weeks pregnant).
Oh, and the Lumberjack told his whole family about the Little Terrorist, so it is officially known.  Still keeping it off the Facebook for now, but it’s no longer crazy top-secret (confidential to my favourite A3: you are forgiven).
Okay, back to work.

the amazing maternity jeans from Week 12

Oliver & the Little Terrorist: Week 13, A View From Above
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  1. Uh oh! I just put it on facebook!

    I joke, I joke. Glad I have been forgiven and appreciate the tiny bump shot of TLT.

  2. Sounds like we had very similar morning sickness experiences. I don’t think I ever actually vomitted but I felt so queasy the first trimester and I did have a few dry heave moments. I started to realize that part of it was actually acid reflux making me feel sick and TUMs would help a bit with that.

    Good luck – mine went away around week 10-11 I think, then came back and finally went away in the second trimester which was more like week 14 or so I think. I didn’t really notice, all of a sudden I realized I wasn’t feeling sick for the last few days.

  3. This just means it’s about to go away. It always does a last minute hurrah before there is no more nausea. You’ll feel like a million preggo bucks in 2 weeks I bet.


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