Week 12: OMG maternity jeans

Last week of the first trimester!  Despite feeling much better over the past 2 weeks, I’m REALLY looking forward to the Promised Land of the Unicorn Fairydust Magical Second Trimester.  I was promised glittery rainbows and dancing ponies.  I am ready.  The fetus (which we have taken to call The Little Terrorist) is supposedly the size of a peach now.  THERE IS A PEACE-SIZED HUMAN INSIDE MY BODY.  Crazy.

My friend Liz gave me 2 pairs of maternity jeans that I now live in.  Seriously, why doesn’t EVERYONE wear maternity jeans?!  They are amazing.  So comfortable, and yet my butt still looks fantastic.  Thanks, fancy combination of elastic and denim.

We visited a birth center on Friday, and totally fell in love.  I’ve always wanted to do a homebirth, partially because I was born at home (and look how great I turned out!).  But honestly, once I actually got pregnant and realized “this apartment is the ‘home’ I will be giving birth in,” it became way more real and scary.  Our apartment is too messy!  What about the cats?  The bathroom is tiny!  And so forth.  So the birth center is perfect – it has all the great elements of a home birth, but it’s in a fixed location where I know they have everything they need.

Also: there is a tub.  A huge tub!  The Lumberjack and I can be in there at the same time!  Woo hoo water birth.  Although the Lumberjack has asked that he not be expected to catch the baby, since he is convinced (and I agree) that he will probably drop it.  We’ll leave that to the professionals.

It’s been 2 hours since I ate last, so I now feel like my insides are consuming themselves.  Time for oatmeal.

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  1. Right?! Maternity jeans are basically like the most awesome thing ever. Screw buttons and snaps! I heart elastic! But I can’t stand to look at myself in them before the whole outfit is on. I feel like I am trying to smuggle a watermelon. I really hate watermelon.

  2. I am rocking my first pair of maternity pants today! I don’t know why I refused to make the switch sooner…these are fantastic!

  3. I watched a birth at a birth center and it was very comfortable and calm. I think you’ll be really happy with it!


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