Week 11

I finally got my energy back.  I feel like a normal person again.  This is nice – I no longer swan around the house looking for a place to lie down.  However, this is also disconcerting – now there’s really nothing whatsoever making me think I’m pregnant.

Well, other than this:

(that’s me taking a picture of myself, in case the angle was confusing)

Most people still don’t know about the contents of my uterus, which is becoming pretty difficult.  Especially since I had to take a work trip for 2 days with a coworker, and couldn’t explain why I was starving every 2 hours, but only ate half a sandwich before declaring myself full.

sidenote: the trip was also difficult because she is insufferable, but that has nothing to do with me.  That is her own damn fault.

additional sidenote: we were on said trip when the Prop 8 ruling came out.  I got all excited; she didn’t know what Prop 8 was.  That’s fine, I guess – sure we live RIGHT HERE where everything is happening, plus we’re attorneys so you’d think we’d follow this kind of thing, but whatever.  But after I explained, “Prop 8 was an attempt to outlaw gay marriage – the Ninth Circuit just declared it unconstitutional,” she LITERALLY SAID: “I don’t follow that stuff, to be honest, but that’s good for them if that’s what they want.”  Jesus christ.  This is what is wrong with the world (yes!  this is the whole problem!  right here!  I have solved it!) – this bullshit idea that things are only important to those who are immediately affected by them.  Why should she, straight married lady, give a shit about gays having equal rights?  Why should men give a shit about women’s health?  Why should upper class people give a shit about the poor?

If there’s one thing I hope I teach this fetus of mine, it’s that we do not all live in our own little tiny worlds, unaffected by everyone around us.  We live TOGETHER.  We are a COMMUNITY, whether we like it or not.  Prop 8 getting called unconstitutional is important for everyone because it creates a more equal and just society.  Everyone benefits from that.  Whether or not many of my friends have the legal right to marry isn’t just a random thing to be shrugged off by my stupid coworker.  It’s something to fight for, and something to honor.  I’m fucking pumped that the Ninth Circuit recognized that Prop 8 was based on nothing but bigotry and hatred, and my eyes literally tear up (and NOT because of the hormones) every time I realize how many wonderful, loving relationships are getting the legal recognition they deserve.  The fact that my dumbass coworker just shrugged the whole thing off as if it’s just a random request that a few people had just made me want to punch her in the face.

Okay, that was more than a sidenote.

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  1. Hear, hear! I second that motion. I find it wonderful when other people are happy, but maybe that’s just me. And, conversely, it makes me sick when other people are prevented from being happy through, I don’t know, basic RIGHTS! that I have and they don’t, for no good reason. Yay gays!

  2. That was potentially the best tangent ever.

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