xmas with no beer

Just got home from Christmas at my parents’ house.  Our entire family was there, which hardly ever happens – my parents, both brothers, one sister-in-law and one sister-in-law-to-be, me, the Lumberjack (fiance and babydaddy), and the Lumberjack’s 2 brothers.  Total full house.  Did I mention that we’re not telling anyone I’m pregnant yet?

My older brother and I don’t necessary have that much in common, but we both love beer.  A few years ago when I started dating the Lumberjack, the first non-queer cis-gendered man I’d dated in, oh, a decade, he was PSYCHED.  Finally, I had a boyfriend he wanted to talk to.  And finally we had something to do together – drink beer.  And drink lots of it.

So, imagine his probable frustration when I show up and don’t want to drink anything.  And he kept pouring rounds of champagne, mimosas, beers, etc.  I tried to sip a bit and then abandon my glass somewhere, but he clearly was getting annoyed, and confused.  Isn’t beer the way we bond?  It was awkward.

My mom & I got in a weird pseudo-fight – the usual miscommunications, etc.  But I found myself feeling a lot more patient with her, and much more emotionally invested in the conversation.  I used to just blow her off and/or get annoyed, but suddenly I realised HOLY SHIT IN EIGHT MONTHS I’M GOING TO BE A MOM.  And suddenly I realised how many ways I could totally fuck shit up.  And you know, my mom really does try.

I hope my sips of beer didn’t give little Shotgun Fetus gills.

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  1. Oh man, I know how frustrating that must have been! I come from a family of drinkers and I literally had to avoid ALL of them for te first couple of months because if I wasn’t drinking, they would either call 911 or assume I was pregnant. Uggghhh… Well, at least you made it through!


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